Monday, November 5, 2012

The One with the Halloween "Inspiration"

Halloween (or as my host dad says "Aweeeen") is fairly new to Italy. Now it's mostly just an excuse for kids to dress up and eat candy (not that that is really any different than America). So I wasn't really expecting a great time, but my expectations were happily exceeded.

A few of the girls got together and planned a Halloween party for all of us. In case you missed my Harry Potter party, Star Wars party, man costume, AND Peter Pan costume I LOVE costumes. However, I have no stuff to dress up with in Italy. So I wore everything that I own and went as a hippy/Trelawney/hobo. Could I BE wearing any more clothes? (Friends reference) The party was a ton of fun. We ate gelato and cake and that is always good. Then came the entertaining part of the evening...

We had a little game that was a mix between telephone and charades. Somehow the garden of Eden managed to become an insane asylum (hidden feelings about IHUM 280?) and a vampire became a bunny rabbit. Then came the talent show...

Anne and I had not planned to participate in the talent show. Neither of us is particularly talented and there are some other really talented girls in the group. However, the night before (while lying in bed with the lights off) we started singing "You're the Inspiration" and dancing. After one run through we thought it would be a great talent, but we decided we would wait until breakfast to see if it was still funny. It wasn't funny at breakfast. So we thought we wouldn't do it. I, however, made the mistake of telling people about it. So when we got to the talent show it was requested. This is the result... (I'll try to upload a video later.)

Happy Halloween! (A little late)

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