Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One Where I Learned What Vertigo Feels Like

So we had another long weekend. Unfortunately it was also right before final week so I was actually a good student and did homework. I know, so uncharacteristic. However, I did get to do one awesome thing. Jenessa and I climbed the Torre Del Mangia! For those of you who don't speak Italian that means the Tower of the Eater. Yep. It was a named after a man who was know for "eating"all of the earnings of the people in Siena. Why they would name a tower after him is beyond me. The tower is adjoined to the Palazzo Publico in the Campo. It is the distinguishing feature of Siena and I love it.

There was just one problem. I hate heights. I just think the stairs to things like that are going to crumble and I will go fall to my doom. Fortunately most of the 350 stairs were inside so I didn't really have to think about it until we got to the first platform. It turns out that the tower has multiple viewpoints. Which is great, but the are connected by REALLY steep staircases that are outside. I was freaking out and started to feel a little sick. I guess that must have been vertigo. However, the view from the top was so worth it. It was so cool to see my beloved Siena from above. It really is such a beautiful city.

I am trying a collage thing so I don't have to upload as many pictures. I hope you like it.

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