Friday, January 2, 2015

One cloaked man, lots of huts, and a baptism. 10-20-14

Cara Famiglia,
Another eventful week. Is that any surprise in the mission? I think not.

Well on Monday for Pday we went shopping altogether. It was fun and relaxing. And here I have to tell a brief story. About a week ago Sorella DeFranchi and I saw a man dressed in a full length cloak and a flat brimmed black hat. We think he was some sort of pastor (not a Catholic priest) because as he walked by he said "Pentitevi e impariate del vangelo" (repent and learn of the gospel). Well on Monday night on the way to our appointment we saw him again and my dear companion literally chased after him to try to get a picture. Just as she got close enough he turned the corner. Bummer. After Sorella DeFranchi and I had a private english lesson with a woman named Stefania. She is SUPER cute. Afterwards we gave a spiritual thought and she even agreed to say the closing prayer. She really is special. Hopefully this will help warm her up to the gospel.

Tuesday morning we did a scambio with the other sorelle. I took Sorella Chandler to the questura to do her permesso because I knew how to do it and Sorella DeFranchi went with Sorella Robinson to teach Susy. Our time at the questura was fairly simple and painless, but I am glad that I took her. The lesson with Susy went AMAZINGLY. She has a baptismal date!!!!!!! For November 7th. I think we will probably have to push it back, but it's a start. WOOHOO! It is so exciting to watch her change! At lunch we all got blessings from the anziani. Mine was amazing and just what I needed to hear. I am so grateful for the priesthood power in my life. After lunch and studies we had another lesson with Stefania. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed curious. We'll see! then we had English course. It went pretty well. Nothing exciting to report.

Wednesday morning we had DDM. It was typical. Nothing much to say. After we came home for lunch. After we went to a bread making relief society activity in the church AND Susy came!!! She was so excited about learning to make bread. It was ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she was so shy around the members, but they did such a great job at welcoming her. I was super impressed. I hope that this will help increase her desire to come to church. Then I went to ward council on a member split while Sorella DeFranchi went to practice singing for the baptism that was to come. Ward council went REALLY well. It was cool to see how ready they are to help us. The members here are actually preparing their friends to meet with us! INCREDIBLE!

Thursday morning we went out to Rutigliano with the Hansens to see Izzy. It was SUPER cool. Last time we challenged her to read the Book of Mormon everyday. She told us that she really wanted to, but that she didn't know if she had time. I told her about Mario (from Catania) and how he used to leave the Book fo Mormon open at his work and read everytime he passed by. She agreed to try it and she ended up reading the first four chapters of Mosiah! Woohoo! She had a lot of questions so we spent quite a bit of time answering them, Then we started to teach the gospel, but we were interrupted by a man that she knew who wanted to argue.... And then she had to go home... Oh well! After lunch we went to see Maria Grazia. She is doing well. It wasn't a super eventful lesson, but she is great as always. Then we ended the night with English course. After a bunch of students stayed to ask us about our religion. It was really cool!

Friday morning we attempted to start planning, but with very limited success because we ended up having a lesson with Blessing. It went super well. She said an amazing prayer and then we taught the Restoration. She said it was an amazing manifestation of God's love. I am so excited to keep teaching her! Then we went to have lunch with the Santoro family. It was super fun. I love them. They're one of those families that you can just joke around with, but that totally has an amasing grasp on the gospel. In the evening we went to the church to finish preparing for the baptism and then we had a GANS (YSA) geneology activity. It was a huge success. Quite a few nonmembers and less actives came. I was able to spend a lot of time with one less active, Angela. I think it was a big help for her.

Saturday we went to do a blitz in Bitonto and I got to do my first real member split. I was with Sorella Scarola. She was so awesome! She took me to meet a lot of her friends and we actually did talk with them about the gospel. I was super impressed. That night we had a baptism in Poggio!!! Piero got baptized. It was SO cool. So many nonmembers came! And his family came! The Spirit was so strong and he was so happy. Sorella DeFranchi and Anziano Kennedy sang a duet and it was amazing. And the talks were good. And the mormon messages were touching. And Piero's testimony was just beautiful. It was absolutely wonderful.

Sunday was a pretty good day in church. But Susy didn't come :( but it was good. After church we went to pranzo with the Ramunni family. They are AMAZING. She is primary president, he has some sort of muscular disorder, they have one insanely smart daught, and one autistic daughter. But despite it all they are so HAPPY. I was amazed by how much love there was. After them we headed to see Sahondra and Violetta in Torre a Mare. Sahondra's boyfriend show us how to make cheese and then we had a nice lesson on the Book of Mormon. They both agreed to commit to reading again.

Today we went to a city called Alberobello. It has a ton of little stone huts that were built 300-500 years ago. It was super cool. People still live in them! I wasn't expecting that. I thought it would just be a little toursit village. Invece no! It was definitely cool.

Well here's to another great week and to transfer calls!

The gospel is true, I promise!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Katie Francom

1) Cheese with Sahondra and Violetta
2) Split with Sorella Scarola

3) Us with Izzy

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