Friday, January 2, 2015

Wet Feet 12-8-14

Cara Famiglia,
It's been a good, but very rainy, week in Roma. SO I've had some wet feet. But luckily I am from Washington and we're used to that.

Well last pday we attempted to go to the Vatican Museums, but we got there too late. But we still went to La Basilica di San Pietro. St. Peter's. I think that church is just STUNNING. I love Michelangelo's pietà. It make me emotional every time. Once again it was just fan to be back in places that I went to two years ago. Pday is like a walk down memory lane. Love it. In the evening we had a lesson with Gabriela. We taught her the gospel and challenged her to be baptized on December 19th and she ACCEPTED!!! YAY! The spirit in the lesson was fortissimo and I just love getting to watch her progress from the very beginning. Then we had FHE with the GANS. It was really nice. Gabriela was there and I felt like I really got to the GANS a lot better. I am starting to feel a lot more in place here.

Tuesday morning we had DDM. Nothing much to say. After we got lunch as a district. Then I got to go on another member split. This time I was with a new convert (of one month) named Sorour. She is SO amazing. She has the most touching conversion story. It's something I'll have to tell you about when I get home because it's too personal and long to explain over email. We actually went to visit some members who are trying to learn English. It ended up being really fun. And we are working on sharing a message with all of the members and helping them invite their friends to church the 21st of December. A lot like we did in Bari back in September. I just loved being  with Sorour. She's amazing. And we had a ton of travel time so I got to hear her whole story.

Wednesday morning we went to see Louisa again. We taught her the restoration and it was just amazing! She was super touched. There was just a really tender spirit. I am so happy that she is active again! After the super cool story of the week began. So I don't know if you can tell, but Sorella Defranchi's last name is Italian. SO she has Italian family. And when we got transfered to Rome her family sent her addresses of these people. And one of them, Louisella, lives REALLY close to us. And she was a very good friend of Sorella Defranchi's grandmother. SO we went to track her down and surprise her on Wednesday. But she wasn't home. But we were able to call her and set up an appointment for Friday. More on that later. After lunch we went to see the Tuminello family. 'Twas interesting. But they agreed to invite a friend on the 21st. Then we had another lesson with Gabriela. This time we focused on scripture study and committed her to read the Book of Mormon. Then we had english course.

Thursday we did planning. Then we went to go see the Duran family. But they forgot about the appointment and weren't there. SO we went to see Graziella. We had a really great lesson on scripture study. It was really cool because when we walked in she was reading the gospel principles manual. I love that she actually cares and want to know more. Then we had a bus FIASCO as we tried to get all the way across town to correlation. But hey, it was worth it. Our ward mission leader, Fratello Rigby, is American and works at the embassy. He is SUPER helpful and very engaged in our work. And he brings us American treats, like Goldfish.

Friday morning we went to go see Louisella. It was AMAZING. She is a fantastically beautiful and kind woman. I think she's in her sixties. And she was SO happy to meet Sorella Defranchi. SO happy. It was a beautiful morning. We got to share the family proclamation with her. And she shared with us a sincere desire to learn more about our church. She said that when Sorella Defranchi's grandparents joined the church she saw a huge difference in their marriage. I am so EXCITED to get to know her better. And I am so, SO happy for Sorella Defranchi. God really puts us exactly where we need to be. In the afternoon we went to see Sorella Spinelli. She is super kind and I really enjoyed getting to know her. Then we did another split and Sorella Defranchi and I taught Michela, a student from English course. She's been reading the Book of Mormon on her own. But she has had such a hard time understanding it. We were able to explain the story a bit and she is excited to keep reading. Then came English course. It was fun as always. I really like our students here. Then I had a really amazing experience. We were just standing around talking to students after and I saw this lady in the hallway. I felt that I should go talk to her. So I did. She had travelled THREE hours to get to the church and just wanted to ask about English course, but I had the prompting that I should talk to her about the gospel. I didn't. And she walked away. But then about ten minutes later she peaked her head around the corner. And this time I talked to her. I ended up teaching the Restoration and she asked for a Book of Mormon. Her name is Anita. Unfortunately she lives in another ward, but at least I will be able to put her in contact with the missionaries there. And I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gave me a second chance.

Saturday morning we got transfer calls. One the sisters we live with is going down to Bari Poggiofranco and I am so excited for her. And well Sorella Defranchi and I will be staying together in Roma 6. And so is Sorella Vasilachi. But she will be opening a new companionship and training. So we will have six sisters in one apartment. AHHHH! But they are going to try to find a new one for four of us. Then we went to stop by a couple of people. And one of them was Marco. He is 29 and super cool. The kind of person that you would think wouldn't give us the time of day, but he did. And we taught him the Restoration. And he loved it. And in his prayer at the end he thanked God for our message that had open the window to new spiritual horizons. Way cool. In the evening we went to see Graziella again and the visited the Perticaroli family. We shared the message that we've been sharing with all of the members and it went really well. Then we helped them make music folders for the ward choir as we listened to Christmas music. Christmas is here!!

Church went really well on Sunday. The Waddoups came to our ward and it was really great to see them. Gabriella came too. I love how much she is putting into learning about the gospel. After church we had ward choir and then had a lesson with Kathlene. In the evening we were supposed to have a lesson with Gabriella. But she never showed up, and we waited forever. But it's ok.

Today we are going ice skating with the GANS for pday. Should be fun! 

Well I guess this is the start of my last transfer. And here's to making it the LONGEST and best one yet!

The gospel is true, I promise.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Katie Francom

1) Me with St. Pete's 

2) The three of us with pizza.

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