Friday, January 2, 2015

The camel has one hump. 10-13-14

Cara Famiglia,
Fear not, this week has been much better. Strange, but much better.

Monday we spent Pday with the sisters from Foggia and it was SOOOOOOO fun. I love Sorella Price and Sorella Webster. It's kind of a soul mate roll on the floor laughing sort of thing. We went to Poilignano a Mare with the intent to explore the caves on the beach now that it is winter and there is no one there. But the rain had other plains. However, it didn't stop us from going down to the beach and taking lots of pictures with our umbrellas. This photo shoot of course included my umbrella getting caught in the wind and me being blown over and falling into a puddle. Anyone surprised, no? After pday we had a lesson with Angelo and Marinella. They are members who need some sostegno right now. The lesson went really well and we talked about general conference. After we headed to the Bari Libertà church for interviews with President Waddoups. Mine went SO well. It's cool to see how much more the interviews mean to me now. It was just what I needed. We have a wonderful mission president.

Tuesday was zone conference!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE zone conference. It went really well. I almost got roped into participating in the musical number, but I think the whole zone is greatful that I averted that danger. The trainings were all really great. We talked a lot about teaching and did a lot of role plays to practice. For the last half of the day the GANS (YSA) and the youth joined us. It was really cool to have them there. And to teach with them. We had the coolest experience. Sorella DeFranchi and I were paired with Gabriela (a nonmember who is dating a member). We ended up teaching her about the love of God and it was AMAZING. There was just one of those moments where I looked her in the eyes and saw that something changed. At the end she asked me to write down the scriptures we had shared. She is amazing. After conference we ended the night with English course. After we talked to an 18 year old boy named Gianni. He wants to know more and took a restoration pamphlet. 

Wednesday morning we had a lesson with Susy and it went really well. She told us about how bummed she was to have missed general conference. She was waiting all ready to come when it started POURING rain and she was going to have to walk. So we showed her President Uchtdorf's talk from conference and she loved it. And she got it. And she bookmarked the website and is super excited to watch mormon messages. YES! Please keep her in your prayers. I really want her to be able to come to church. Then we had a lesson with Maria. And she invited us to stay for pranzo. AND she actually read the Book of Mormon. I definitely wasn't expecting that, but am so happy. She is adorable! And agreed to keep reading. Then we came home to do language study and the twelve week program. Then we had ward council. Which took FOREVER. But we got a ton done. I am super excited about some plans we have for the ward. IT's about to be amazing in the Poggio Francom, as the other missionaries call this ward. 

Thursday morning we had a cancelled lesson :( But then the sorelle from Foggia came to do an exchange. Once again I just LOVE them. I was with Sorella Webster and we had a blast and did some work. In the afternoon we went to see Maria Pia. She is a member who is ALWAYS sad. SO we go to keep her company and cheer her up. We shared a Liahona article about gratitude and she was really touched. It was a good experience for me to remember how important it is to be grateful. Than we had english course and it went insanely well! After we had so many people who wanted to talk to us about the gospel. I talked with Gianni and he actually read the opuscolo about the restoration and wants to meet to talk with us. YES! Sorella Webster ended up teaching the entire first lesson to three new students and they want to know more. Hallelujah! Then we came home and spent our personal time dressing up as mulan like geishas. Yep. Missionaries are weird.

Wednesday morning Sorella Websters and I went around taking English course posters to stores. I love doing it because it makes people so happy and we have so many great conversations on the spot. English course is really such a blessing for us. The we bid farewell to the Foggia sisters. In the evening we went to visit Valentina's family. It went super well. WE talked about the importance of prayer and Valentina bore a super strong testimony. I really hope we can work together to reactivate her mom. She is amazing. After the LONG walk home we started weekly planning. But we didn't get very far.

Saturday morning we had a blitz in Poggio Franco so we did a little bit of finding. But Sorella DeFranchi and I had to stop early to go to Triggiano to visit the Iacovelli family. The mom is relief society president, but the rest of the family is not active. We have been trying to visit them the WHOLE time that I have been in Bari and finally ci siamo riuscite! They are SO cute. We were really able to bond with the daughters and my lovely french companion taught them to make crepes. Yum! We had a really great lesson about scripture study and you could tell that the daughters were really touched. In the evening we prepared an activity that we are presenting to the ward tomorrow. We are going make a giant chain of missionary work. Every time a member has a missionary experience they will write it on a strip of paper and we will staple it into a paper chain. I hope it goes well!

Sunday in church was pretty good. We presented the chain idea and the primary kids were ESPECIALLY excited. A British family came to church and it turns out that they have been serving their mission in Leavenworth so we had a good talk about the lovely state of Washington, even if they were on the WRONG side of the mountains. I spent the rest of the meetings translating for them. The best part is that Sahondra and Violetta came. YES! Sorella DeFranchi's french is working miracles with them. For pranzo we went to the DeSantis family's house. It was great. But there was just one con. It was in a different city. SO we were stuck there until they were able to take us home :/ What you going to do? Then Sorella DeFranchi wasn't feeling well. So I let her rest while I planned the upcoming Halloween party. I never knew I would plan so many acitivities on my mission! We ended the night with gesso. It felt so good. I love talking to people. And I love when they are genuinely kind and interested.

And now it's pday! Yay.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

The gospel is true, I promise!

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Katie Francom

1) Geishas...
2) Can you tell she is my daughter?

3) Praying for pogg at zone conference

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