Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ode to a Pink Water Bottle

I have a special friend. A friend that I know so well. I take her everywhere with me. To school. To work. On hikes. Through thick and thin, hot and cold she is always there for me. She even helps me think better and stay healthy. I know of no better remedy for a headache than her presence.

One fateful weekend we were parted from each other. I left her sitting by me in class and walked away without remembering her presence. It was traumatic. I longed for her presence all weekend. Yet she was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, she showed up at a social event of Sunday. She was there waiting for me. Oh sweet winds of fortune, I thank thee!

With such a level of friendship it could not be doubted that she would accompany me to Italy. I did not forget her. She was comfortably seated on the plane. It was with eager anticipation that I yearned to share the Roman water with her. Yet, fate would not have it so.

After only 4 hours of slumber I was in great need of a short rest. I shut my eyes and drifted of to the world of dreams. When I awoke she was gone! The tragedy! I had kicked her in my sleep and she had rolled away. I searched frantically for her. I even asked the flight attendants if they were aware of her whereabouts. No one had seen her. My dear sweet friend had gone missing.

Oh 16 oz. pink camelback, oh how I miss thee!


  1. Oh Katie dearest, I would cry! My own Camelback bottle is part of my soul. You have my deepest consolations. ):

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i totally know how you feel. I had to throw my camelback out when it was leaking at the beginning of the school year :( we will have to find a good deal on them when you get back and get new ones. :)