Monday, February 11, 2013

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-da (Life Goes On)

Well for some reason I haven't been blogging very much lately. Perhaps it's because life in P-Town just is not as exciting as Europe. Or maybe it's because I am ridiculously busy. Who knows? But I know that you all have been dying without my ever enlightening blog posts so I thought I would have some mercy and write one.

Life continues to be ever so busy! I am currently observing in a middle school... Take me back to high school! Well at least I figured out what grades I want to teach!

Let's see... What else is new?

I went to Park City during Sundance. I didn't actually see any films, but it was still pretty awesome. That town is SO cute and there a ton of fun little shops. We just wandered around, got some hot chocolate, and enjoyed the city.

I found a cow hat!!! I love cows!

We matched! And it wasn't even planned.

They continue to be pretty dang cute.

The next weekend I went up to Salt Lake with some of my favorite Italy ragazze to go to Lush. Lush is this amazing organic cosmetic store they have all over Europe. It sounds really girly, but it is really cool. Their hand scrub is amazing! And WAY more expensive here... Should have bought in Italy. After checking out Lush we wandered around City Creek mall. It's pretty much the most amazing mall ever. I mean it has a creek running through it. How could it not be cool? We travelled back on the Frontrunner (that's also how we traveled there). It was SO nice to be on a train again. It reminded me of Europe! Except it felt a little sketchier... Who knew I would feel safer in Europe than America? Upon our return we went to Libby's house and made homemade gnocchi. Yum! Yay for Italy!

Le ragazze!

Another highlight of my life as of late has been cooking with Natalie. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have been teaching her how to cook in exchange for a gym going buddy. It's been fun and we have made some yummy stuff. I mean REALLY yummy. I love cooking! Actually I love feeding people more... So it's nice to have Natalie to eat my creations.

Be jealous of our pesto chicken bruschetta wrap. But don't be jealous of my photography skills.

On Saturday I want to the opera with Jenessa. We saw La Boheme. It was pretty awesome! It was so wonderful to hear Italian and understanding it made the opera so much more fun. Really you all need to learn Italian. It will enhance your life. Think about it! It's the language of music, food, and in my opinion love (take that French)!