Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Story of an Apartment Superhero

So after today I am pretty sure that I live with a superhero... One of my roommates dares to go places that ordinary people don't even dream of. Heck, she even has a superhero name, X-Tina. This girl will do anything for anyone. She will run all over the apartment complex and to the neighboring one just to find you a copy of "A Walk to Remember" so that you can cry your heart and feel ridiculously sappy for the next two months. She will do ALL of the dishes when the dishwasher breaks and everyone else gets a little lazy. She will care for you when you are sick. She will write books to tell you how much she loves you. She will let you eat all of her chocolate chips. She will make you delicious chocolate frosting when you are having a terrible night. However, none of this compares to today. (Disclaimer: It gets a little gross from here on out) Today I found the most disgusting toilet. It was clogged with who knows what. I thought "Crap!" (pun fully intended). I am terrible at unclogging toilets. I asked X-tina for some help and after she realized she the plunger wasn't going to get the job done she braced herself, took her watch off, and stuck her arm in!!!!! I cried just watching it! This girl is going to make an incredible mom someday!

And that's why she's called X-Tina!


  1. Gross! She can come and be my surrogate mom.

  2. Definitely a moment to remember. And that's why she's called X-tina!

  3. you. are. kidding me. so impressive! hope she has some germ x.....
    p.s. i love blog friends! following!