Monday, January 30, 2012


Two blog posts in one day! What is this?! I thought I ought to update the world on the recent events in my life. This last month since winter break has been CRAZY! It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. Some Highlights:

Ward trip to Mars!! Two of the people from our ward had a reception up in Salt Lake and we got a huge group to go together. The food was awesome and the couple looked so amazing and happy. After the reception we took a slightly chaotic trip to Gateway Mall. After visiting the haven known as Anthropologie we all ran off to the planetarium. There we were able to play in clouds and catch a space shuttle to the lovely planet of Mars. 

Soothing zombie facemasks! Need I say more?

A couple Saturdays ago one of our friends was participating in the tennis intramural semifinals. A bunch of us got together and made tee shirts to spell out his name. It was quite the challenge when you realized that his name is very very long. It was a blast, but I think we annoyed the other people there. Who knew you weren't supposed to cheer at a tennis match?

FOOD! I have decided to start trying to cook new foods more often. So far I have made spaghetti alla carbonara, tomato-mozarella-basil bread, and home made crunch-wrap supremes. Yumm! (Except for the carbonara, I need a different recipe)

Last, and actually kind of least, the basketball game this last Saturday. Jordan, Kathryn, and I went with some friends (and our 8th roommate, Connor) to the BYU game against St. Mary's. Not only did we lose, but the audience was SO angry. There was actually a technical foul called on the crowd. I didn't even know that was possible! It was a terrible atmosphere and we left early to get some delicious cafe rio.

Now for a personal moment. Patience. This word has been on my mind a lot today (for those six of you who know why feel free to laugh at me). I have never been a very patient person and it is something I need to work on. I know that good things come to those who wait. I also know that often our Heavenly Father doesn't bless until after our trials. But sometimes it is just so HARD. So goal of the week: be more patient. In life. With the Lord. With friends. And yes, even with boys. 

Because he says it better than I ever could. 

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  1. just think how much patience you will have gained by the end of this experience!