Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Boys,

So my roommate did this a few days ago and I thought it was a great idea. Basically, I will be writing a letter to the guys in my life, so beware if you are of the male persuasion... Also, I have writer's block and am hoping this will push me through it.

Dear Dad,
You are such an example to me.
I know that we're not huggy,
but I always know you love me.
You have always seemed so wise to me.
When  I am struggling with something
I can always count on you to talk me
through it. Thanks for never being
ashamed of your testimony and sharing
it with us often.

Dear Sunshine Butterfly,
We have been through a lot together...
I guess I am just really happy with how
things turned out. I appreciate that we
can still talk and help each other out.
Sometimes I feel like I am not there for
you as much as you are there for me.
I am really sorry and want you to know
that I do actually care. I wish you the best
and an proud of who you are becoming.

Dear Boy-who-must-not-be-named,
I hope you like HP reference.
Gah! You are a frustrating one.
Our friendship really does mean a lot
to me and I am glad you trust me enough
to talk about your problems, but sometimes
I wish you would notice how I feel. Yes, I
like you. Well, duh! I've been trying to think
of you less and it's actually working. I hope
I can completely move on soon and that we
can continue to be awesome friends.
Thanks for keeping me laughing!

Dear Amazing Boy,
I totally understand why everyone calls
you an apostle. You are seriously the best!
I am so glad that you dated my roommate.
There is so much I can learn from you.
You are so kind to other people and yet
still funny and fun. I really do want my
sons to be like you!

Dear little brothers,
You guys are awesome! I am really proud
of who you guys are becoming. It is so fun
to see you develop into the men you will
be. I wish I was home more to see you
grow. Just know that I love you and am
always there for you!

Dear Bald/Funny one,
You make me laugh! I've really enjoyed
getting to know you better this semester.
You are a really interesting person with a
really refreshing view of the world. I only
wish you would leave me alone about
that one boy.

Dear Dejected One,
You are not a monster. You are a
wonderful human being. I know that
you think that certain aspects of who you
are define you, but they don't. Your family
loves you, I love you, and God loves you
no matter what. Keep your chin up!

Dear New and Slightly Awkward,
I don't know why you decided to trust me.
You must not know me very well, but
I am flattered none the less. I hope you
begin to feel more accepted. I really don't
mind talking to you. It's nice to be able to
help you out, but a little less frequency might
be nice. You'll find her someday!

Dear Outgoing,
You are funny and social and kind of a
player.... I am not so happy with how you
treated someone who means a lot to me. I
don't understand. You always seem so very
nice, a little self-absorbed, but friendly and
engaging. So I hope this was just a fluke
and that you normally aren't such a jerk.

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