Friday, September 14, 2012

Life in a Tuscan Hill Town

Sorry for the long wait. I don't have internet at my house and it wasn't working at the school for a while. But...


I live in a town in Tuscany. I get to call this place home. How incredible is that?

So I am living with the most adorable Italian couple, Marco and Paola. They are so funny and they make so much fun of me, but I love it. Paola's cooking is pretty dang incredible and I am pretty sure that by the time I return I will resemble a hippopotamus. But it is ok because it all tastes so good. Some women sacrifice their bodies for their children, I choose to sacrifice mine for delicious food.

I am in love with this town. It is incredible to walk to school on tiny streets lined by houses that are centuries old. Also, the Piazza del Campo is incredible. I go there at least twice a day... As soon as I walk into it I just feel like all of my problems wash away. The people here are also so much nicer than those in Rome. They are always willing to talk and help me out. And they are BEAUTIFUL. The women dress well, but the men are incredible. They always look so fashionable. That just doesn't happen in America.

It's been really fun to practice the language and it is actually going pretty well. I mess up a lot, but the natives are so helpful and kind about correcting me. It helps that my host parents pretend to not a speak a word of English. I am pretty sure that they understand everything my roommate and I say to each other...

School is school. Classes aren't going to be easy, but it's alright I'm in Italy!

More updates to come.


  1. "Some women sacrifice their bodies for their children, I choose to sacrifice mine for delicious food."

    HAHAHAHA I love you!

  2. Great update Katie! You forgot to mention that if you come back looking like a hippo it will be a cute hippo! Actually you are young enough you can walk off any good eating! We love your sense of humor - sounds like you are doing great, no surprise to us. Hope you can start including a few pictures of that beautiful country you are living in. We send our love - Pres & Sister Turner