Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Is for Adventure

I have pretty much turned into the worst blogger of all time. So for those of you who are my "devoted" readers, I am sorry.

Anyways, it's summer!!!!! I love spring/summer in Provo. No classes. No obligations. Just fun.

I have moved apartments back into my old ward and I am loving it. It's so fun to be back in a ward where I feel familiar and comfortable. It also means that I am closer to my friends. That in turn means that I never sleep because I am always with them. Can you say emotional, sleepless zombie?

Despite my lack of sleep this summer has been filled with adventures. I've done crazy things that I never thought I would ever do. I've been to bonfires and pool parties. The smell of chlorinated smoke has permanently attached itself to my clothes and my hair. Basically there has been to much to EVER catch up on. So I am just going to let the pictures do the talking.

In no particular order here are the pictures:

Crazy night with my dearly beloved Hkrop!

Italy Sister Reunions

White water rafting in Moab. Pretty much everyone on this trip
thought Andrew and I were dating.... Awkward.

We dressed up as men to go on the Elder's Quorum 
boating activity.

The ward boating trip to Yuba Lake.

Reuniting with our favorite law student.

I repelled down a waterfall! I can't believe that actually happened!!

We even danced in the rain.

I went on a trip home to go to Matthew's graduation.

And I went through the temple. 


Strawberry Days carnival.

We said farewell to Andrew before he left for Europe.

I went to a rodeo/fireworks show with the Lindseys.

Temple Square with the cousins.

Pizza. Always Pizza.

Hiking trips!

Snow cone eating reunions.


More hiking.


Italy trip to Guru's to watch Libby perform.
She rocked it!

RSL game.

In case you can't tell, my life is pretty great. I am living it up in Provo. And starting to panic that summer is coming to a close. Summer, do you want to stay forever?