Monday, January 13, 2014

Sardegna, Week 1

Cara Famiglia,
I love hearing from you guys! And I love learning from you that I am an Sister Training Leader before hearing it from the mission. In fact still not sure that it is true, but we'll find out. HAHA. I am so glad that all is going well with the Seahawks. They would do well when I am not there.... I am pretty sure they are receiving blessing because of my sacrifice, just saying... AND Noah got his license. COSA?! When did we all get this old?!

Well I left Catania. And my heart... I LOVE that city. I love the people. I love the ward. I love Sigonella. I love the food. I love the missionaries. The list goes on and on. Let's just say that leaving was hard. It was accompanied by lots of really hard goodbye and farewell dinners. And one amazing parting DDM. I can't even tell you how much this district has helped change me spiritually. And this meeting was just the cherry on top. I will miss them...
On top of saying goodbyes I also did missionary work haha. We had a really good appointment with a less active. Last time we met with her she asked if we could bring the ward mission leader with Fratello Bruno so this time we did. It went SO well. It really reinforced to me that members have the keys for how to work with members. We need them.
Okay. Now I want to tell you about two miracles that happened in Catania as I was leaving.

Miracle 1:  
At the very beginning of my mission Sorella Vincent and I received a very strange phone call. A woman called Amelia who was not American or Italian called us (in English) moaning and crying about her stomach and asking us to pray for it. We asked her if she wanted a blessing or a visit or something. We were really confused so we gave her the number of the Relief Society president at Sigonella and left it at that. It was just something weird that happened, something weird enough that I remembered it. Ok, fast forward 3 months. We're sitting in DDM and I hear the Senior couple talking about this woman that President asked them to find. Her name is Amy and she is neither American nor Italian. They have an address that seems outdated, but no number. I told them about that weird phone call and that we still had the number of Amelia. So they called. IT WAS HER!!!! They went to see her the next day. She wants to come to church again and has been praying that the missionaries would find her. Her friend was there for the lesson and the Spirit was so strong that she has now committed to be baptized. WHAT?!

Miracle 2:
At English course we have this amazing student Davide. He is young, respectful, and successful. We had ALL always wanted to teach him, but everytime we decide to talk to him something happens and we don't. Well on my last night of English course he came. At the end they were all talking to me and thanking me. He told us that all of this time our Spiritual thoughts have touched him. He said that thanks to us he has reawakened his faith in God and has seen a change in his life. All this time wanting to teach him and we already were! Sorella Fossa plans to start teaching the lessons ASAP. WOOHOO!
Well on Thursday I flew to Sardegna. What? I am still not used to the fact that I am here. It is TINY after Catania. AND CLEAN! Weird... Also, the accent is much clearer than Siciliano and the people look different. How interesting is that. Sardegna is famous for sheep, beautiful beaches, and this really thin bread called music paper. My companion is Sorella Caramia. She is in her last transfer and she is AMAZING! The ward loves her and she has made such a difference here. I am excited to learn from her. She is also Italian. So my Italian should continue to improve! I better speak well after all of these Natives!
I want to tell you about the Gordillo family here in Cagliari. They are from Peru, but they live here. They have been active for four or more years. And they have never been sealed in the temple. The sisters here started visiting them and last Sunday the came to church. On Saturday I had a lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation. At the end they decided that they want to work towards going to the temple as a family. YAY! Then they came to church yesterday, and the daughters came to a fireside, AND they want to come to institute. Miracles happen, people.

I am excited to get to work here and to learn to love it as much as I love Catania. I know that I am here for a reason. And I am excited to see what Heavenly Fasther wants me to do.

The gospel is true, I promise.
Vi voglio bene!!
Sorella Katie Francom

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