Sunday, January 20, 2013

But It Works

So I am back in good ol' Provo. Well actually I've been back for a couple of weeks, but nothing that exciting had happened so I didn't blog. Life is life.

For those of you interested my weeks are CRAZY! I have started having classes in high schools so I have to get up at high school time. Except this time around I have to look professional. Hello early mornings! Then there are classes and work, but alas that's the life of a college students.

Now don't start worrying that I have no social life. I'm posting this to prove that I do. It's just a little more limited than in years past.

The first weekend back in Provo we had an Italy reunion, because let's be honest we missed each other. A lot. It was fun to see everyone and eat the closest thing we could find to Italian food in Provo. I love those girls!

Italian buddies! Just missing Anne.

This weekend I got to go down to St. George with some of my friends. Can I just say that I love St. George? It was SO nice to be in warm 50 degree weather after the last few weeks of 5 degree cold. We got to go hiking in Snow Canyon. I LOVE that place. The red rocks are just so beautiful and fun to climb on. I even managed to climb up a huge one. My friends were really patient with my fear of height and coached me up and down one.

So beautiful.

I wasn't excited or anything.

We love St. George!

Ryan loves his bottom. Why else would he put in the picture?

It was so fun to go back to St. George together.

Hannah was convinced she was a rocket ship.

After hiking we headed over to a wedding reception. Andrew and Ryan got to be bartenders while the rest of us played rhyming games. I rock at the rhyming game! Not to brag or anything... Of course a large part of the evening was spent discussing Andrew's new TV show. Ever wonder if you could date without asking anyone? Well this is the show for you. You may not ask, you may not have experience, but it works. Sorry for the promotional plug! I'm not even getting paid for this advertising!

That's life back at BYU.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Holidays in the 360

Well I've come back to earth and realized that I have to blog about something besides Europe. Sad. I know.

My study abroad meant that I had an extra long winter vacation. I got to spend 5 of the weeks with my family in Washington. That's the longest I've been with them in a couple of years. As always my stay was eventful.

Of course my day to day life was not so eventful. What exactly does a college student with very few friends in town, a busy family, and no job do at home for five weeks? Well let's just say that it contains a lot of period romances of the textual and film variety. My poor parents were forced to watch a few with me. It also has a good deal of sleeping in, a lot of pigging out (because I really needed to gain even more weight after Italy), and a few hours spent scrubbing every wooden cabinet in our house. However, I already said that it was eventful and there was definitely some excitement. So here it goes...

Me with my period dramas.

Excitement #1: I found out that I have to wear glasses for the next four months. Ok, maybe that wasn't exciting, but it was a change. So keep your four eyes jokes to your self. The contacts will be back in a few short months.

Excitement #2: Eli had his first orchestra concert. He's following the family tradition of playing the viola!

Rockin' out. 

Excitement #3: Grandpa surprised Grandma with a ticket to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert. She was ecstatic! Dreams come true no matter what age you are.

I don't think I've ever seen her so happy!

Excitement #4: Noah turned 15!!!!! How did that happen? I swear he was just 10 yesterday.

Well at least he's excited to be getting older.

Excitement #5: We continued our traditional "sneakies." Every year we dress up in Santa hats and secretly deliver plates of Christmas goodies. AKA ding-dong-ditch

Who knew Christmas joy could look this goofy.

Excitement #6: I got to meet up with my dear friend, Hkrop. It was great to catch up with her.

Excitement #7: We went shooting. We had some rotten pumpkins and it only seemed natural that we should shoot at them. Turns out our aim isn't so great with my Grandpa's antique black powder musket. That's not to say that we let those pumpkins live another day. Sticks go a long way.

Our targets.

Making faces in the car and trying to stay warm.

Grandpa teaching everyone about the gun.

It was Mom's first time shooting and she liked it!

Excitement #8: Christmas!!!!!! Need I say more?

My parents got me pecorino and pears for my stocking stuffer!!! Oh it was a sweet reunion.

Dad and Eli opening presents. Dad has no idea that I will soon send him through
a series of challenges before he can get his gift.

My Grandma made a book of all my blog posts from Italy.
Obviously I was excited about it.

After the late departure of my previous camelbak (still mourning the loss)
my parents found me a replacement.

After 12.5 years I finally got a new set of scripture. I think it was about time.
When the back cover falls off you might need a new set.

Excitement #9: I saw Les Miserables. I was already obsessed after seeing the play in the West End. Now my love has been rekindled. I will say that I did like the play WAY better, but I still absolutely LOVED the movie. I mean it had Eddie Redmayne in it. What's not to love?

Marius, we should be friends.

Excitement #10: My cousins came to town. We always spend New Year's with them.

Nothing says cousin bonding time like a photobooth session.

Excitement #11: The Seahawks are going to the play offs! Woot woot!

Sadly all holiday festivities are about to come to and end and I have to return to school. Although perhaps classes might be an improvement upon my daily laziness.