Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Weekend I Fell in Love...

Now before I continue I should clarify for the sake of my family and the boys I spent the weekend with... I fell in love with blue skies, red rock, and cacti. I am totally and completely in love with St. George. I can't say it was the best weekend of my life, but it was definitely the best weekend of this year!

Obviously I spent my three-day weekend in St. George. I went with 9 of my favorite people. I couldn't have asked for a better group. From smurfing to scripture study to interpretive dance we all meshed so well.

The Crew! (Connor's Harem + Chad and Josh)

The first five of us left Provo on Friday afternoon. It was a long, but fun, car ride spent getting to know each other better. It was so awesome to drive into St. George and see all of the red rocks. Being from Washington I am used to the beauty of green, but man there is something to be said for the color red! We spent that night just settling in and preparing for the weekend.

Car Ride Buddies!

Saturday: Day one of epicness! After having an amazing pancake breakfast (Thanks Xtina and Connor) we headed up to Snow Canyon to go hiking. Snow Canyon is stunning!!! We hiked through slot canyons, climbed through caves, and even got a little bit lost (thanks to our fearless leader). We ended the day with the most chaotic dinner trip ever. Note: When you have ten annoyed/hungry people don't ever think you will come to a compromise... We ended the night watching "Cinderella Man." Well, only half of us actually watched it, the others were thoroughly passed out. Here's a few (ok, a lot of) pictures:

The Girls! 

Yes, we climbed down into that cave.

Enjoying Slot Canyon

On top of the world with amazing people!

I'm a little crazy...

Chad's and my epic cave climbing pose

We sure are a buff group.

Roommates doing what we do best.

The beautiful slot canyon. 


I like red rocks...

The stunning view from the top

Sunday: This is the only day we slept in.... until 9. We spent the morning just relaxing and getting ready for church. We met up with 10 other friends and went to one of our friend's family wards. Which was interesting... Not sure I have ever been to a ward quite like it. After that we all went and toured church historic sites. The temple in St. George might be my new favorite! That night we went to Connor's grandparents for dinner. We played an epic round of Apples to Apples. Chad labeled me as creepy and chunky... I guess it's better than appetizing and delicious... We ended the night with star gazing. It was one of the coldest experiences ever. Even wrapped up in a blanket my toes were screaming in coldness.  However, I did see the coolest shooting star ever. Some pictures from this day:

This temple is so awesome! It even has palm trees!

Look we match!

Penguin huddling to stay warm.

I have crazy friends (read in kid-history voice)

This is what happens when we get a little tired.

Chad and his women

My beautiful roommates!

I love this girl!

Monday: Oh waking up this morning... Chad, Hannah, and I decided to go for a morning walk up to some red rocks behind the neighborhood. There is nothing like welcoming the sun on top of arch while listening to the "Circle of Life." It was great and relaxing until the walk back. We somehow ended up a mile away from where we were supposed to be. Upon returning we had a monumental interpretive dance party. After packing up we said goodbye to the house and headed up to white rocks. The white rocks are these giant rock (duh) that in my opinion look like elephant skin and in the opinion of others look like dinosaur poop. White rocks was gorgeous and fun to climb up (down was little sketchy). We then headed to some sand dunes and had a blast jumping off them. My clumsiness was not helpful and I totally failed. We then headed home, singing disney all the way. Some pics of our final day:

Early morning cave paintings!

Best jumping pic ever!

Saying goodbye to the house.


Crazy girlies!

Sand dune jumping.

You wish you were this awesome.

The Group on top of white rocks.

What a view!

All in all it was amazing! I hope I get to do it again some time. It was a weekend I will not soon forget.

Remember to smurf it up!


  1. This makes me so happy! I love this. And you. And St. George.

  2. that is a great view ;) if you know what i mean.