Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lessons Learned in Italian

My Italian class this semester is SO awesome. Well they've all been awesome... I love Italian! But this one is particularly insightful. As we study Italian literature and learned about the culture I am always shocked by how much I learn about life. So here are a few of my favorite lessons.

Lesson 1: Italian music is AMAZING! Well my roommates don't think so, but I do... It is just so passionate and moving.  This is my favorite!

Lesson 2: Faccia Tosta! In Italy this phrase is used to describe the women. Italian women are known for the complete honesty and bluntness. If you look bad one day they will tell you. Every time I tell people this they are always like "Katie, why don't you live there?" The answer is I don't know... At least I know that my openness is valued somewhere... But seriously, life would be so much easier if we all just said what we really felt!

Lesson 3: Italian poetry. It's really hard to read, but insanely insightful. I've learned about everything from unrequited love to the plan of salvation.  

Lesson 4: La vita รจ bella! Life is beautiful! It's an awesome Italian idea and one of my favorite movies! Who knew a movie about the holocaust could be so hilarious?!? I love how much passion Italians have for life. I mean when you think about life it really is wonderful. There are so many more happy things than sad things, but the sad things are what we dwell on. I just want to say that I really do have so much to be grateful for. I have an amazing and supportive family. I go to the best school ever. I am blessed to have the truth of the gospel in my life. This week, most of all, I have been struck by how great my friends are. My roommates really look out and care for me. Also, my adopted 7th and 8th roommates are awesome. As I have been struggling with things everyone has really been united in letting me know how much they care. Thanks guys! 

Lesson 5: My study abroad is going to be the real highlight of my existence. Enough said.

Lesson 6: Italy is beautiful! This picture makes my heart melt!

Ciao amici!

P.S. Exclamation marks in this font look like Ls... lame..

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