Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green, Green, Green, and Some Soda

St. Patrick's day has never been particularly eventful for me. In elementary school it was a day of pain. How many times can you get pinched in one day? I will tell you, a LOT! In middle school and high school it was just another day. In college when most typical college students are partying their little guts out I figured I would sit and enjoy a clean, mormon style day of green. That's how it was last year... This year, however, it was CRAZY. The parties were rocking, or shall I say shamrockin'.... Haha, bad joke.

Well actually, not all of it was crazy. After a very hectic week full of VERY early mornings. I slept in and lounged around the house until about 12:30. Amazing! I love Saturdays where I don't have too much to do. Then I went and hiked the Y with the ever lovely Kathryn and Jordan. I always forget how hard that hike is. It's just a mile, but it is a mile up the cliffs of insanity. Then the obligatory Saturday trip to the grocery store.

The craziness started that night. My apartment was invited to two parties (I know, I know, so popular...) and we were pretty excited. The first party was a pretty chill dessert party. All of the food was great and it was nice to talk with some people that I don't usually get the opportunity to chat with. BUT the next party was a whole new experience... We showed up and they had made a wooden (ok cardboard) pub sign and covered all of the lights with green. It looked awesome. It turned out that this party was a drinking party, not the sort of thing I am used to. I should clarify that we were drinking soda, but you have to admit Sprite and Dr. Pepper are pretty hardcore. There were a lot of different drinking games, all of which involved a disgusting amount of chugging. I don't drink a whole lot of soda to begin with so this was a whole new level. By the end of the night everyone was so sugar high and a little queasy. It may sound weird, but it was SO fun. From yelling to dancing to creepy tall men the whole thing was hilarious. To my non-mormon friends this may seem strange and you're right it is, but it was unbelievably fun. Now for some pics. Just a warning I look possessed in all of them...

Jordan and I with the GIANT mugs. I drank that whole thing of Kool Aid. Yuck!

The Beautiful Pub

The best drinking team at the party...

I think it's safe to say that no one will be drinking any soda for a LONG time.
Only at BYU!

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