Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Sunday!

Sundays at BYU tend to be hectic days full of running between meetings, finishing up homework, socializing, and trying to find some time to devote to your own personal study. This Sunday, however, was oh so relaxing. We had stake conference which meant that I got to sleep in two hours! Not only was it light outside when I woke up, but it was sunny! I feel like I haven't seen the sun since St. George and yesterday was a fantastic reunion.

Ok so that sun is kind of creepy, but it captures my mood. Stake conference was awesome. I had a really hard time focusing, but I really appreciated the talk about balance. As a college student it is so hard to find the balance between my educational, spiritual, physical, and social needs. This talk really inspired me to take inventory of my life and try to do better.

After stake conference my awesome ward decided to have a picnic in the amazing weather. It was so wonderful to just sit out in the sun and feel the heat on my skin. It wasn't sunburn/tan worthy, but it was WARM. We also decided to have a little impromptu photo shoot which would become the inspiration for The Bachelor: Chad Edition - Season 2.

The night was also awesome. There was a wonderful CES fireside by Elder Cook about not wearing a mask. It is when we hide our identities that we slip up. We need to be true to who we really are. I ended the night talking with three of my very favorite people. Nothing earth shattering was said, but there was just an overwhelming feeling of comfort. I am so glad we have Sundays to prepare us for the rest of the week!

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