Saturday, February 11, 2012


This has been a CRAAAAAAAZY week! It's also been a fabulous week.

I'll start with a little story. One Monday night not so long ago two VERY short girls went to the grocery store with their roommates. They ran into each other on the hair aisle. There were these shiny boxes calling their name and each girl picked one out. One girl picked dark brown and the other platinum blonde. They travel home and begin the process. The one going blonde ended up with orange hair. The one going chocolate brown feared it would end up black. For a while they looked like halloween. Luckily, the darker hair faded and the orange hair was redyed. It was quite an adventure, but Ellyn and I are happy with the results.

I know it's just a B+, but I am SO proud of this paper. It's for my advanced writing class and I have been working on it ALL semester. Literally. One week before it was due my teacher told me I need to completely reconceptualize my entire paper. Yikes! I finally came with an idea on Monday and was able to quickly crank it out. Also, the teacher told us that most people get a C. All things considered I am really happy with this paper.

Well this was a first... One of my friends decided to surrender to his receding hair line and go completely bald. He need someone to reshave it for him and I volunteered. This was an experience. I didn't expect it to be so difficult to shave someones head. I mean I shave my legs all of the time! But it turns out a head is way different. I was so worried I was going to cut him or shave his eyebrows off. I think it turned out ok in the end. 

Winter Formal! So three wards in our stake decided to host a formal dance. Sounds fun, right? Well there's a catch. The relief society and elders' quorum presidents set everyone up on blind dates. Pretty much the perfect recipe for awkward. However, my love for dressing up won me over and I went anyways. I am SO glad I did. I had a really great time. My date was really fun and it wasn't awkward at all. Well there were a few awkward jokes... Almost twenty... A few of my roommates actually have second dates so I would say it was a successful evening.

I did a crazy thing today (ok, maybe not crazy by normal standards, but Katie crazy). I bought ORANGE PANTS! I've been wanting colored pants for about a year now, but I always thought I would get a subtle pink or deep burgundy. Guess not... I actually love them. I am sure when I am 40 and look at pictures I will wonder what the heck I was thinking, but for now I am going to rock them like a banana rocks a peel. At least no one will ever lose me...

Tonight I went to the BYU vs. Pepperdine basketball game. We whooped them by like 35 points. Rise and shout the cougars ARE out! Now I am off to get fro-yo and watch "The Vow" with my roomies. Later there will be an epic star wars party planning party. This is my kind of weekend!

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  1. hair dye stories are classic! ;) and congrats on the paper, great job! :D

    <3, Mimi
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