Monday, November 5, 2012

The One Where I Was Attacked by a Demented Teddy Bear

No joke. Anne has cursed us with a teddy bear.

About a month ago Anne found a tiny little bear on the ground. It was white with a tiny little crocheted dress. She thought it was cute and decided to keep it. She put it in her purse and that was all we thought of it for the next month.
Contently laying in Anne's purse. Look at those creepy beady eyes!

And then about a week ago it appeared on Anne's nightstand. It was just chilling there. No one had put it there. We had never taken it out of Anne's purse. It just found its way up there. Creepy!
Just hanging out on the nightstand.

The next day we found it on top of  Anne's boots. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM! Will someone explain to me how a bear can walk all the way across the room? Was "Toy Story" more than fiction?!?!

On Anne's boots.

SO if the bear wasn't already creepy enough it attacked me. A few days ago I woke up with scratches all across my chest. The creepy thing is that they were too tiny to be from my fingernails. They were literally the size of a pin. I am pretty dang sure that that is the size of that little bear's claws.

The next day the bear was randomly in Anne's closet. What the what?

If anyone is looking for a new horror movie we'll sell the bear to you!

Save us!

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