Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The One Where You Lived a Day in My Life

Sorry it's been a long time since I blogged, but I've been traveling. I'm home now so I will pick up where I left off.

In Siena Anne and I realized that we had lots of pictures of all of the exciting things that we did in Italy, but none of our everyday life. As a result we decided to do a "day in the life" day. So I'll let the pictures do the talking and you can marvel at Siena. Also, it's really long so no offense taken if you get bored.

Anne at our front door.

Road #1 on our walk to school (check out the olive trees)

Road numero due

The beautiful antiporto that we pass everyday

The worst/most confusing intersection in all of Italy

The cute little crosswalk stop signs.

Our local gelato shop that closed before we could eat at it.

The fantastic bakery we pass every day. It always smells delicious!

The city gate

The piazza you enter into

Cute little church

Another road to school

The cute sewing store (Mom, you'd love it)

My favorite door in Siena. It's to the theater.

The Monte di Paschi Piazza. This is the oldest bank in the world. Sometimes we eat in front of it.

A pharmacy sign.

The fanciest bakery in town. 

A chain gelato shop with amazing gelato!

Just a view of the campo.

One of my favorite stores!

Oh you know just another beautiful street in a medieval hill town.

A boar head. Not sure what to say about it...

The five star hotel in town.

The final road to school.

Filling my water bottle at the turtle fountain.

The door to the Italian Hogwarts.

Hallway in the school.

We ran in to Theresa and Haley

Entryway to our part of the school.

Reppin' BYU

The Contrada Mural in the Student Lounge

The also like U of U (boo)

My Italian Class (I don't like thinking about the person who took this picture)

My book

Where I study

On the way to lunch with Jenessa and Anne I found a beautiful vespa

The only Napoletano Pizza in Siena. Lunch here we come!

My pizza.


I found a gnome on the walk back to school.

Just a view on the way back. That's the Basilica of San Domenico in the distance.

Jenessa's sewer (bahahahaha funny story)

We passed the Baptistry 

Up the stairs....

and to the Duomo!

Isn't it gorgeous?

European coke is way tastier and helps me get through the tough days 

History of Paradise class... ugh.

The view from our classroom.

The student lounge.

Libby found a carrot.

To the campo for some fun on the way home!

Beautiful at night.

Love this building.

We danced.

Then we Voldemort hugged.

Then we played a game (here we are landing in Italy)

Just a store I like.

My favorite store in Siena (yes, it is for men)

The road home.

I like to play with the plants

Hallway to our room.

Our host parents on their wedding day.

And this is how every night ends.

Yeah I know my life in Siena was awesome!!

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