Sunday, July 8, 2012

Like a Plastic Bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Well actually, no, I don't. However, the song "Firework" reminds me of the 4th of July and that's what I'm blogging about. So, yeah...

Life has been quite good to me lately. I honestly cannot remember a time when I have been this happy. Well except for in Disneyland, but that's a whole different category of joy. So I guess it's time for an update.

The 4th of July was a most excellent day. I started out the day by watching the parade out of my bedroom. How convenient is that? I got a front row seat without having to camp out! Then I made my way to the Mancave BBQ. 'Twas nice to hang out with my friends and enjoy the sunlight. I spent the majority of the day at a BBQ with my friend's family. It was fun and nice to be around a family even if it wasn't my own. After the BBQ I headed up to the Y to watch fireworks with some friends. I ended the night with my first trip to Sonic. The shakes were good, but I was not impressed with the food.

The beautiful view from our spot.

Nat and I watching fireworks!

Thursday brought rain!! It was beautiful! Also, quite literally the answer to prayers. With all of the fires in Utah it was certainly a blessing. The best part of having a roommate who also loves the rain is that you get to dance in it. 

We love rain!

I love this chica.

Friday brought the much needed weekend. To celebrate we attended the rooftop concert in downtown Provo. It was a Tom Petty cover concert. Shockingly it was actually really good and Neon Trees performed! However, the opening "rappers" were not so hot. "I'm throwing gangster signs, but I don't know what they mean." What. The. Heck.

Il Grupo


Saturday was one of my friend's birthdays. Her roommate threw an epic party. It was a paint war! I have to say I much prefer paint fights to food fights. There was no puking involved this time and the smell was much less toxic.

Today was just a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and my last day as a teenager. I am so excited to finally be twenty!

Life is beautiful!

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