Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok so this post is a little over due, but I am twenty! Whoa! It feels great! I am finally in the same decade as all of my friends. It also feels kind of weird. I mean I'm in my twenties, that's closer to being a real adult. Strange...

So basically I had the best birthday ever. It was so full of birthday texts, facebook messages, and surprises. Thanks to everyone who showed their love!

On my birthday I knew that my roommates were planning something, but I didn't know what or when. As a result the entire day was spent in anxious anticipation. The only plan that I had was that we were going to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Terra Mia. So upon arriving home from work I began to get ready to go to dinner. I complained to Kathryn about not having any cute shirts to wear and she just politely laughed at me... About five minutes afterwards my roommates and Kevin surprised me with a shirt that I have wanted for months, but had decided was too expensive to justify spending money on. I screamed. And I thought that was the only surprise...

After that my roommates, Kevin, Andrew, and I headed off to Terra Mia. I got my entire meal, a side salad, and gelato for free!! All because of my free entree card and birthday. And it was all SO yummy!

At Terra Mia in my new birthday shirt.

On the drive back from Terra Mia I started to get a little suspicious.  Jordan kept trying to distract me by pointing out every little thing we drove by and I saw Chad attempt to run stealthily across the parking lot with a strange bucket. But I knew that we had FHE next so I figured the surprise must not be until afterwards. Wrong! I showed up at FHE and the whole ward was there! People that I didn't even think knew who I was were there. They sang to me and presented me with a cake designed to look like the leaning tower of Pisa and a giant birthday card. Then we had the most epic water fight (shout out to Dan for acting as my noble steed). We ended the party with a couple rounds of sushi tag. After returning home bruised, beaten, and soaking wet I ended the night at the Mancave. 

My first week as a twenty year old has not disappointed. After coming home sick from a work camping  trip things were not looking up, but they ended up being quite awesome. Some highlights included game nights, roof climbing, fort building, and LLAMA FEST! Can I just say that llama fest was awesome? Not only did I get to pet and feed llamas, but I got a sweet llama shirt and a maxi skirt from a Hindu temple. Score! I feel like I am really living up to my hippy roots.

They call me the llama whisperer.

Next adventure: roadtrip to Washington!!!

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