Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: A Tribute

This Mother's Day actually fills me with guilt. It is my first one away from home and I totally forgot to send my mom a card (there will one arriving late, I promise)! So in light of my failure to express my gratitude in a private card I thought I would do so on my public blog. I love my mom! She is great and inspiring. She has taught me so much and done so much for me. So here is a list of the reasons I love her (these are just a few of the many):

1) She's my biggest fan. From my spectacular play in softball when I was in 4th grade to my high school orchestra concerts to acing a test in college my mom has always been there to cheer me on. She alway's sees the best in me even when I don't.

2) Her relationship with my father. My parents have one of the best relationships I have ever seen. They always take time for each other and they are not afraid to let their kids see how in love they are. Their relationship is what I want in my life. My mother's devotion to my father is something I aspire to have.

3) She is willing to work hard for her children. My mom has worked hard both for pay and as a volunteer mother. Raising four kids must be tough, but I have never heard her complain. Now she works at a job that really challenges her emotionally. I know that she does this because she loves us and wants us to have all of the best things.

4) She is fun. My mom is a happy person. She likes to do fun things as a family. Many of my fondest memories are of those fun times. Like our trip to disneyland, random game nights, and slightly scandalous shopping trips to Fred Meyer's with her sister (Mom, remember Holly's special wallet?). She loves to laugh and smile and she does so easily.

I love you mom! Have a great day!

I know it's mother's day, but I think it is appropriate to honor my grandmas as well.

Grandma Nielsen: It's been nine years since she passed away. She has had such a profound impact on my life. She is the reason I like the movies I do, the reason I love reading, and the reason I love lemon yoplait yogurt. I will always remember loving her pink toilet paper, playing cat's cradle, and having tea party's. I miss her, but I know that she is in a better place and that I will one day be reunited with her. I love you Grandma Nadeane!

Grandma Francom: She is one of the most giving people I know. She always gives the best Christmas/Birthday presents. She is also very giving with her time. Best of all she is giving with here talents. My grandma is an incredible cook. She is always willing to make more than enough of whatever food we want.  I love you Grandma Mary!

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