Thursday, May 31, 2012

California Dreamin'

An extra long weekend for Memorial Day? I think yes! In Southern California? How could I refuse?Basically this weekend was amazing. No one understood why we came back to Provo. I mean I guess we should make money, but really why couldn't we just lounge on the beach all day every day? So maybe (if I haven't bored you already) you want to know why this weekend was amazing... Well I'll tell you!

Day 1 (Thursday): Drive Numero Uno
Six of us Provo kids drove down to California. I rode in a car with Kevin and Andrew (aka Kevindrew). We had a lot of fun together. Andrew read The Hunger Games out loud, Kevin and I learned a lot about Andrew's taste in literature (supple leather...), and we had long talks about dating. Upon arriving in Yucaipa Natalie's mom greeted us with freshly baked cookies and sloppy joes. That is what I call rolling out the welcome mat!

They put up with me for nine hours! Unbelievable!

Day 2 (Friday): Disneyland :)
I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! I can't say that enough. The first time I went with my family was the best week of my life. There is just something about that place. It is beautiful and magical. You just can't help, but be happy. Andrew commented saying, "Wow! Disneyland really does have an effect on Katie!" Yes, yes it does. Even though we only got to spend a day there I was completely, blissfully, wonderfully content with life. We started the day out in California Adventure. It was a ton of fun. For some reason the Hollywood Tower of Terror really freaked me out this time. Last time I thought it wasn't worth the hype, but this time I was quite shaken... After lunch we headed over to Disneyland and I became the happiest person on earth. It was really crowded because of Memorial Day, but it was still a blast. I got to ride Pirates which is my favorite ride ever. It is just so well done! Some day I will eat in the Blue Bayou! This time on Splash Mountain I got completely soaked. There was literally no part of me that wasn't wet. The only problem was that it was night and I never really dried. We road it at 6 and got home after midnight and I was still wet!! The best part of the whole was World of Color. Originally I didn't want to go. I thought (well actually screamed...), "Why are we here? To go on the rides!" However, Natalie convinced me and I am so glad she did. It was so incredible. It is a giant water/light/color show. They project videos onto the water. The whole thing was just so moving, romantic, and adorable. I am so glad I got to see it. Overall the best day in a long time!!!


The Awesome Group

Someday our princes(esses) will come.

So happy!

I thought the picture had already been taken...

I love this girl that made it all possible!

Las Chicas

Flynn had already gone to bed :( But I walked where he walked!

Ready for our intergalactic adventure!


Pinterest wedding album?

Umbrella hats!

Day 3 (Saturday): Sand, Sun, and Sea
On Saturday Natatat had a wedding to attend and the rest of went to Huntington Beach. It was a perfect day. We played in the ocean, watched street performers, ate gelato, and laid out in the sun. It was a great way to recover from the exhausting awesomeness of Disneyland. I really enjoyed being at the ocean. Utah is just so land locked and it was nice to get away.


8 eyes?

Gah! The beauty!


Il grupo on the pier.

He had just come out of the bathroom and he still looks this good... It's ridiculous. 

Day 3 (Sunday): Rest
This was quite the relaxing day. We went to Natalie's home ward. It made me SO glad that all of my guy friends are 23ish. I had forgotten how ridiculous boys my age are. After church we had a barbeque and ice cream party. Then we went and met Natalie's adopted grandparents. They are hilarious! They joked around with us the whole time. We ended the night star gazing on top of a hill. Perferct!

Epic light photo from that night.

Day 4 (Monday): Homeward Bound
We left California :( What were we thinking?

The Screamin' Chicken. Our meeting place on route 66.

Sketchy or awesome?

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