Sunday, September 1, 2013

MTC Week 2

I am doing SO well. Life in the MTC is FUN! We've been learning a lot about how to relate to investigators and how to better meet their needs through our teachings. It is really exciting and I love getting to know and helping all of our "investigators." Two days ago one of them committed to be baptized. It felt awesome to hear him say that! I know it's not real so I am so excited to see what it feels like when it actually happens. Yesterday we had an in-field orientation. We learned a lot more "practical" skills for when we head to field. It was awesome and made me SUPER pumped to head to Italy on Tuesday! I can't believe time has gone so quickly. Each day feels like a week, but the weeks fly by!

Can I just say that I love my zone, district, and companion?! Our zone is full of all of the advanced language speakers so there are people from all over the world. It is so fun and we all get along so well. My district is even more awesome. We laugh all of the time. Who knew I would get such an ab workout as a missionary?! This really helps to unify us and makes our teaching stronger because we trust each other. Now, my companion, Sister Jackson, is SO cool. We get along so well. We have a ton in common. I am so glad because not all missionaries are blessed with companions they work well with. Together we have improved a lot on our Italian and our teaching.

It's been really fun to go to the MTC in Provo because I get to see so many people I know. I run into Natalie all of the time and I saw the carpet crew the other day. They left a bueno bar on my bed and it made my day!


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