Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Story of an Apartment Superhero: Take 2

About one year ago I discovered the existence of a superhero, X-Tina. She had toilet unclogging abilities that could make the most heinous villain want to vomit. Now, one year later, I have discovered another hero, Alena.

Here's the story.

In a small apartment in Happy Valley there was a sink. A sink that was shared by four girls. All of the girls had relatively long hair. The poor old sink never drained very well, but after months of abuse it just gave out. It would not let any water down its drain. Standing water is pretty gross to begin with, but this was a bathroom sink. Think toothpaste, soap, and face wash. Get the picture? It was nasty.

And yet these four girls were unsure of how to act. Sink unclogging seamed to be such a gargantuan task. How could they do it? One would rise and take on the quest.

So on a Saturday not too long ago, actually it might have been today, they had had it. Alena, who had previous experience with such sinks, decided to take on the task. So after retrieving her weapon of choice, a wrench, she got to work. She unscrewed the "p-trap" (not sure if that is the right word) and set to work. Water and hair began oozing out of the pipes. The smell of rotten eggs wafted through the air. And yet she persevered.

All seemed to be going well until the girls realized that the sink was still not empty. At this point Katie entered the scene and decided to begin stabbing a hanger down the drain. Let's just say it was not the most effective method... However, Alena realized what truly need to be done. She removed another portion of pipe and began removing hair from that as well.

Then came the greatest surprise. Water began rushing out of the pipes from the other side. One of the neighbors was washing their hands! The bucket began to overflow. What could be done? Alena promptly grabbed the garbage and let it fill with water. All to the background Katie's hysterical of laughter.

Shortly after this incident Alena realized that the hair would not come of the sink without further... prodding... So she reach up into the pipe and began to pull out the hair. By. Her. Bare. Hands. EW!

And thus the sink was unclogged.

Well now I can wash my hands without fear.

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  1. Oh I never used my bare hand I used the plastic bag as a glove to pull the hair out!