Monday, April 2, 2012

Life Goes On

Well I figure it's about time for a life update. I haven't had a serious post in a while and SO much has happened. So here we go.

Food: I haven't been cooking new stuff quite as much recently, but I still have some things I am proud of.

My first attempt at making my grandma's famous cinnamon rolls.

Parmesan and pepper asparagus. Yum!

Apparently people think I make good sandwiches...

English muffin pizzas.

A totally experimental pizza burger. Actually decent.

Color Me Mine: For Ellyn's birthday my roommates and I went and painted ceramics. It was super fun and I love my plate.

Jordan and I with our creations!

The Festival of Colors: During the first weekend of spring the Hare Krishna temple throws this giant festival. Everyone goes and throws colored corn starch at each other. It's supposed to be a religious hindu event, but it being in Utah it ends up being all Mormons. I hate the feeling of breathing in the colors, but it is ever so fun. 

Chad and I before the throwing.

After the throwing.

I love this one.

The whole crew.

Love these two.

The colors make me a little strange...

The Hunger Games: Gah! I love those books and I love the movie. Peeta is wonderful. Enough said.

General Conference: I have never been so reliant on the Lord in my life. Everyday I feel so overwhelmed, confused, and stressed. And everyday I just fall to my knees and pray. Going into conference feeling this weak really made me see it completely differently. I got so much out of the messages. I feel like so much of it was just for me. I am so grateful to have living prophets to listen to. I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow closer to my Savior. And I am so thankful for the optimism I received from general conference. Here's a few of my favorite lines:

"You have not traveled beyond the divine reach of God." - Elder Holland

"Stop it!" - President Uchtdorf

"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us." - President Monson

City Creek / Temple Square: While the guys went to priesthood session the girls went shopping at the beautiful new City Creek Mall. It was hands down the nicest mall I have ever been to. Getting there was a little sketchy. The guys dropped us off in an abandoned parking lot where were chastened by a security guard... We also spent a little time at temple square. I love that place. It is always so beautiful and the spirit there is incredible.

I love this building!

Check out our awesome outfits.

Fun. concert: I got to go to my first concert ever! We went to see Fun. Most of you probably know their song "We Are Young." They were incredible live. I am obsessed. Also, shout out to the guys who gave me piggy back rides so I could actually see.

Rockin' our colored pants before the concert.

Obviously the stage.

Looking a little scary during the concert.

Well that's all for now... Only two and a half more weeks until the end of the semester and then I am free!

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