Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catania, Sicily Week 9

Cara Famiglia,
You now have two missionaries! What?! I am so proud of Matthew and I loved seeing the pictures. I am sorry to hear that the Seahawks lost... Especially to the 49ers... Oh well! It sounds like Eli is a super busy kid these days. You'll have to send me pictures of him as Snoopy. I can't believe Noah is turning 16!! Whoa! He is not old enough to drive! Tell him to take care of Pedro for me. 

Ok question answering time.... CHRISTMAS! It's coming and we get to see each other! I am planning to skype. Ummmmm as for a time... I am not sure yet. I would assume probably late Christmas Eve night or early  Christmas morning. Any preferences? I will let you know the exact details next week. Va bene?

Mom asked about my new companion, Sorella Fuller. Yes, I still think she's great. She is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. I kind of feel like the footman in Cinderella who carries around the glass slipper. I just bring her around and am like "BEHOLD!" But it's good, not only have become a highly capable GPS, but I am learning so much from her example. It's weird that we only have another week together. I find out who my next companion will be on Saturday! Whoa!

So I forgot my planner and this week is kind of foggy, but I shall do my best to reconstruct it!

On Tuesday it rained A LOT! My shoes were soaked... Oh the life of a missionary. That morning we had a lesson with Teresa. The woman who we challenged to be baptized. We brought a member and she was really, REALLY not happy about that. SO that did not start the lesson out on the right foot. Let's just say that she doesn't want to be baptized. I am kind of bummed, but I know that we did our best and the rest was up to her free agency. That night we saw a less active who lives literally right down the hill from the church, but doesn't come because she doesn't want to walk that far and there is an Evangelical church just a little bit closer. However, Sorella Fuller and her really hit it off so we will be back. We ended the night with English course. They LOVE Sorella Fuller. I am so glad. And we may or may not now be doing yoga poses at the end of corso...

Wednesday was one of those busy office type days. We had DDM in the morning. It was the first of the transfer so we got to make lots of goals and plans. There are two goals that I feel the need to tell you about. The first is that as a district we are going to do 20,000 push ups by Christmas. This means that yours truly is trying to do around 30 push ups a day. (For the sake of honesty I started with only 10) I am pretty sure that I am going to be super buff by our skype call. The second is the 21 day promise. I will attach a copy. It is in Italian so you will have to use google translate, but you should do it. Basically you write a list of names and pray for them for 21 days. The promise is that at the end of the 21 days someone will be ready for the missiomary lessons. I am doing it for myself and I thought that it would be cool for you guys to do it too! There are scriptures to read every day to help you stay focused. We are already seeing so many miracles with it and I promise that you will too! We finished the day by going to type up the 21 day promise and going to Correlation. We have a new ward mission leader, Fratello Bruno, and he is a beast. I really think he will help to propel us forward. 

On Thursday I did scambio #1 of the week. I was with Sorella Clyde. Our morning appointment cancelled so we did finding in centro. It was kind of nerve wracking to do finding as two rather unexperienced missionaries. We didn't have a whole lot os success, but we did get a whole lot more comfortable and that is more than half of the battle. We visited Jenny, a less active and the sister in law of Mario, with the Anziani in the afternoon. It went really well. Jenny invited us back to teach her husband AND she wants to quick smoking! Her son is really hyperactive and he may or may not have stabbed Anziano Hatch in the eye, but I'd say it was a successful visit. We ended the night with English course. 

Friday was a jammed packed day and it was GREAT! In the morning Sorella Fuller and I did planning in a cocoon of blankets because it is so COLD in our appartment. Italians don't really believe in central heating... Then we had pranzo with a member. WE challenged her to do the 21 day promise and the very next day she had a referral for the missionaries in California. Miracles happen, peeps! Then we finally had a lesson with Marica after her long vacation in Palermo. We brought a member and her mom, Eva, even stayed for the lesson. It went really well. Then we literally ran/spy walked down to piazza duomo to meet the anziani and go to a lesson with one of their investigators. We were supposed to make a friendship with the mom and daughter, but the only showed up for the very last part of the lesson. Oh well! At least we met them and got their number. We ended the night with Arancini at our favorite bar, Savia. (Don't worry bars do not have the same meaning in Italy).

Saturday was scambio #2. I was with Sorella Bair for what feels like the million time, but it was so wonderful. I am pretty sure her and I would burn down the city if we were companions. We have a little too much fun. The morning started off quite sad. We had a funeral in the church. It was really beautiful to hear the family's testimony of the plan of salvation. They were sad, but you could tell that they had so much hope for the future. I am so glad that the gospel gives us such hope. Then Sorella Bair, two anziani, and I headed out for a road trip to Ragusa. There is just something about being in the car, driving for a long time, and listening to music that just feels so normal and rejuvenating. We went to Ragusa for the church dedication there. We made it a little late because of the funeral, but we made it in time for pranzo. We spent the afternoon and evening giving tours and getting to know the members. One member introduced himself to me as "Nessuno" which means no one in Italian... That was fun. Overall I loved Ragusa. I think I'd like to open it for sisters... Who knows!

On Sunday we had church as always. Marica's mom, Eva, came and she LOVED it. A new convert also brought his girlfriend and we were able to talk to her. After church we went to pranzo with a member family and started the 21 day promise with them. They loved it too! I love seeing the members' excitement. Then we went to the hospital to visit the mom of the missionary who is out from our ward. She was happy to see us and some members showed up while we were there. It was cool to bring her the Spirit. Then we had a rather long and windy bus ride home.

The gospel is true, I promise.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Katie Francom

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