Sunday, October 13, 2013

Catania, Sicily Week 4

Dearest Family,
Life is great! I am glad everyone seems to be doing well and that you all go to watch conference. I am also glad that you got the picture from the Godfreys. We love them!! 

Ok, life is CRAZY! I don't know how it is already Pday again. Not possible. A note on Pdays: they will now be moved to Monday. So prepare to hear from me again in just a few days. Wahoo!

Last Wednesday went to Mt. Etna! It was so awesome. The view was great and it was so fun to be up in the mountains with colder weather and thinner air. I also bought an awesome nativity made of lava rock. Don't worry it was cheap.

After the pday part of pday we did an exchange (scambio) and I got to go teach with Sorella Bair. We taught one of their investigators, Tina. She is a rather old woman and absolutely adorable. She seems really lonely, but she loves the church and has a lot of really good questions. By a lot of question I mean a LOT. It was interesting trying to control the lesson. 

On Saturday we had another lesson with Mario. It was ALL over the place. We covered so much ground. However, he still wants to be baptized. We picked a new day that we are all working towards having him ready. It will be November 7th! AND he wants to see us twice a week instead of once. AND he wants to go to the temple. 

That night we went to the casa of the Godfrey family to watch conference. They just moved here and Fratello Godfrey is in the navy and works for the base here. It was so fun to be with them. The next day we watch one session with the Groves family on base and then went back to the Godfrey's for another. 

Conference was great! I am pretty sure that Elder Ballard's talk was written just for me. It was what I needed as a missionary. I noticed that there was a lot of emphasis place on members working with the missionaries. As a missionary I just want to say that it is so, so, SO important. As missionaries we can only do so much. We're not living a normal life right now and lots of contacts think that is weird. They need to see members living regular daily lives. We need members to uplift our investigators by talking to them at church, inviting them over, and going to lessons. They are really so strengthened by your testimonies and friendship!

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had another scambio because Sorella Lovell and Sorella Vincent are Sister Training Leaders. They have to work with all of the sisters in the zone. So they went to Siracusa and I worked with Sorella  Bair. It was a blast. We had a packed day and made so much progress. We visited the nonmember mothers of several members. They were so strong and great to talk to. We will be visiting them again. We also went to lunch with an investigator we had kind of given up on, but are now hoping to start working with again. It was really great to rebuild the relationship. And of course nothing went quite as planned and we got lost several times. But hey, that is the life of a missionary!

Today Sorella Bair, the anziani, and I headed down to Siracusa to pick up our companions and enjoy our pday. Right now I am in a city called Ortigia. Holy cow! It is the most beautiful place I have been in Sicily. I am excited to get to explore it more today.

The church is true, I promise.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Katie Francom

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