Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The One Time I Saw a Fifteen Foot Tall Man

After a long two weeks of midterms we were in dire need of a weekend away.  On Friday morning we left Siena in the middle of total downpour and headed to Florence. When we arrived we promptly dropped of our bags at our convent. That's right convent. We stayed in a nunnery! It was awesome. Our room even had a frescoed ceiling. It also looked like the perfect setting for a period murder mystery. Nuns in Black?

Freaked out by our room!

We headed for the Ponte Vecchio to meet the IHUM 201 teacher, Silvia. The Ponte Vecchio is stunning and lined with a high end jewelry shops. (Note to my future fiance: I expect to go ring shopping there, so start saving.)  

We spent the day looking at fantastic art. At the Uffizi, the best museum ever, I saw Boticelli's Primavera and Birth of Venus, famed gothic art, a Leonardo, and countless other masterpieces. It was truly moving. Then I saw Michelangelo's masterpieces at the Medici Chapel and the Academia. The David was incredible. It is literally 15 feet tall. It is so incredible that it was carved out of a piece of inferior marble that no other sculptors would use. 

After the museum we were set loose for dinner. We went to a diner... After two months of only Italian food we all wanted some good American food. The Diner did not fail. I ordered eggs benedict and they we delicious! The best part of the restaurant was the free candy and water. It was great! Don't regret that choice. 

That night we got to go to the opera. Well it wasn't a full opera, but it was a collection of the best arias from many of the famous operas. We got to get all dressed up. That was super nice because I am not going to lie I never really do my hair or face in Italy. I mean we're talking no mascara and a ponytail everyday. I've been telling the other girls that it was all strategic so that it would be a bigger difference when I did get dressed up. Yeah..... Let's pretend I'm not just lazy. Anyways the opera was super fun. One of the singers got so incredibly into it and they had audience participation. It was a great night.

All dolled up.

The next day we were set free to explore Florence. So we slept in. Until 8:30. Sad. Then we set out to do some leather shopping. I found the exact pair of boots I had visualized in my mind in a store window. I may or may not have waited outside the door until they opened the store so that I could buy them. Hey, at least I got a great deal and they're real leather! After my purchase we headed off to the market at San Lorenzo. I bought a bag there and some gifts for people back home. The market was huge and had GREAT deals. 

Rockin' my leather spoils.

For lunch I am ashamed/proud to say that we went to the diner again. Those of us that had breakfast wanted dinner food and those that had dinner wanted breakfast food. So I had my first hamburger in two months. And it was DELICIOUS! I know that some of you are probably judging me for passing up the opportunity to have fantastic Italian food. After two months of excellent Italian food (I mean pasta, pasta, and more pasta) we needed a break. 

Well I kind of love Florence. It has such an artsy, classy feel. Definitely my favorite big city we've been to.

So beautiful!

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  1. Oh Katie dear we love to read your blogs! What a wonderful experience you are having. Both Sister T and loved Florence when we were there and so its no surprise to us that it did not disappoint you! No apology needed for the hamburger rush - we totally understand:) We thought about you as we sat in our family room and heard the Prophet make the historic announcement about the change in the age to qualify for missionary service!! We send our love and thank you again for such great updates.
    Pres & Sister Turner